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We believe that every business regardless of size or nature should be drug-free. Staff members can perform their best when they are free from the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. At Azurite Medical, our services will provide your company the convenience of forming and keeping a drug-free staff.

Many companies are regulated by various federal agencies that require testing, post-accident, reasonable-cause, and return-to-work requirements. Azurite Medical provides trained, certified and experience collectors who know how professionally to handle attempts to tamper with a sample, shy bladder, and other problems that occasionally arise with regards to testing. The staff will ensure results are reported in a timely manner and with confidentiality.


What Azurite Medical can do for Your Business

Our on-site testing services eliminate costly time away from the job. When the employee has to travel to a testing facility, it allows time to obtain a substituted sample – this can be avoided with Azurite Medical’s on-site solutions. We provide faster result as well thereby saving your company time and money.

  • This ultimately benefits your business and your employees by ensuring that the environment they work in is safe from individuals under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • We can help achieve a drug-free workplace for your company.

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